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Committee Resources
Welcome to the committee resources page.

For a bunch of useful tools, ideas & downloads to help for your year ahead, go ahead and read on!

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Club Committees, the insiders guide. Where to find help with......
Club issues

AU Exec Area rep
There are 5 sports reps, each is responsible for a certain area: Coombe Dingle, Indoor, Outdoor, watersports & Martial Arts. They represent your sports group at AU Exec meetings and provide background information during discussion so it is important to keep them up to date with what is happening in your club.

AU Chair
The main queries include training, transport, insurance, funding & entries. However any other difficulties to do with sport or club running can be taken to the AU Chair by anyone on the committee.

AU Administrator
Deals with BUSA fixtures and transport. Is also a useful source of advice as the AU administrator is a permanent member of staff and therefore keeps consistency in the AU.

CSEH: Centre for Sport Exercise & Health
Studio & Sports Hall bookings. The first point of contact is always the AU Chair, [email protected] However for cancellation of bookings contact [email protected] BUSA fixtures are booked for you by the AU administrator.

Coombe Dingle bookings: The first point of contact is always the AU-Chair, however for friendly fixtures book & pay Coombe Dingle direct by e-mailing [email protected]

Union bookings
Mostly for club committee meetings but also martial arts and a few other clubs core training. E-mail Nancy or Jane at [email protected] for queries and keep checking your pigeon holes. Please remember that bookings can be overridden by priority bookings so keep checking at the beginning of each week for changes [email protected]

whether you're looking to raise the profile of your club with events or newspaper articles, the Union has a variety of resources on offer.

The real basics here, but the Union print services can do lots of funky stuff at good rates. E-mail Alice or Hazel on [email protected] They live on the 3rd floor in the general office.

Student newspaper which has a sports section and editor.
E-mail: [email protected]

University of Bristol Film-Making Society. This little gem has been responsible for providing the classy looking Video of sports clubs activities at the AU dinner. They obviously are a society in their own right, but may be interested in getting involved in something you're doing so get in contact via [email protected] or the Union treasurer: [email protected]

Student Run Radio Station, a great potential source of event publicity and up and coming DJs. Contact [email protected]

AU Office
The AU Chair has control of the AU website, contacts with University internal publicity, newsletter and website as well as Epigram, the Evening Post and radio stations BURST, GWR, BBC Radio Bristol. The primary point of contact for this and general advice on how to publicise is the AU Exec Publicity rep or the AU Chair. They will also help you with your club webpage on the AU site and point you in the right direction with your own club website. For specific queries regarding your website see the Student development Clubs & Societies Coordinator Vicky Wilson [email protected]

Sponsorship & Fundraising
The AU Sponsorship rep aids clubs in maintaining current links/searching for new ones with sponsors. For templates of sponsorship proposals see the AU Chair. The Clubs & Societies Development Coordinator is also useful for advice on attracting sponsorship [email protected]

Managing contracts
See the AU Chair or Clubs & Societies Development Coordinator. REMEMBER ALL SPONSORSHIP IS SUBJECT TO VAT: 17.5%. Most companies should be able to reclaim this but there are a few exceptions, so make sure you have confirmed this (Wedgies and Lounge are fine).

Know your Athletic Union grants. Information is available from the Captains manual on how to apply. Funding sources are AU Capital Grant (for equipment), Sportsnight fund (general), Deloitte awards (equipment or project based), Alumni Foundation. Check out
on how to apply (very useful).

For advice on running events or Ents there is a vast pool of experience both on the Union and CSEH. The Union has an Ents department that can help with ideas for bar promotions and the like. If fundraising for charity why not team up with RAG? This is the fundraising body in the Union, which raises money for a variety of different charities. Get in contact with the RAG Chair [email protected]k and pool resources.

Committee Resources
Student development Unit
Get your committee tooled up for the year with the skill they'll need to take your club forward. Check out::

Want to get accreditation for your year as a club officer? Check out the officer development award:

For any queries about the above e-mail the student development Coordinator [email protected]

Coaching & Umpiring/Refereeing information; Contact [email protected] for the latest course on offer via the JUICE programme. Also the AU Chair & Administrator may be informed of new courses on offer via BUSA, particularly for more specialised sports. NEVER ASSUME THAT YOU WILL BE GIVEN ENOUGH OFFICIALS FOR YOUR SEASON. There is always a shortage so make sure you have qualified people within you club who can officiate. For Volunteers in Sport e-mail the SCA Coordinator: [email protected]

First Aid training: Health & Safety Office 3rd floor students Union. Contact [email protected]

Minibus training: Club usage for fixtures/championships only. Contact [email protected]

Whatever happens, you need to find the cheapest way to travel!

Ideally own cars: the petrol can be reclaimed back at 20p for the first 50 miles and 16p for every mile thereafter. The Union reception has info on all the local buses whether to Filton for Athletics or Temple Meads there is a bus to cover all.

Train fares can also be reclaimed at the young persons rate and bus tickets. Failing that, then minibuses can be booked through the Union. TAXIs may not be claimed for without prior permission from the AU Chair in exceptional circumstances. For transport requests for fixtures, contact the AU Administrator [email protected]


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