Welcome to the Athletic Union

As well as being renowned academically, the University of Bristol is also recognized as having many excellent sports teams and facilities. With other 50 clubs and an overall membership of 4000 people the AU provides a huge range of sporting opportunities and equipment such as golf bags, shinpads and cricket bats. The clubs are not just there for representative competition so make sure you become involved, whatever your ability or interest. We also run, in partnership with the Centre for Sport Exercise and Health, the Sport for All based Intramural Programme. (Check out the Intramural website for further information). Therefore, no matter what you want from sport or how good you are, the Athletic Union has something to offer you.

The Centre for Sport, Exercise & Health

The AU works in close contact with the Sports Centre

Comunity - Sport Program

Community sports initiatives in local clubs and schools for under-privileged young people have sometimes foundered because of the lack of suitable volunteers to help run the projects. Last academic year, the University’s Centre for Sport, Exercise & Health (CSEH) offered students the opportunity to train and then volunteer as a community sports leader in a variety of projects, based in the inner city, to help with this problem. The CSEH are currently recruiting this year’s enthusiastic potential sports leaders that are desperately needed to act as coaches and mentors to groups, for whom sport has a unique ability to motivate and communicate. If you are interested in developing sport or recreation for other people and learning vital life skills such as managing oneself and others, teamwork, and communication, whilst gaining a government recognised qualification, then visit the CSEH’s following website for more details.

Beginner and Improver courses

Get active, stay healthy, learn something new…The CSEH in conjunction with the Athletic Union sports clubs, are developing a comprehensive sports course programme for beginners, improvers and intermediates in a variety of sports at participation level. The courses run for an hour a week over 8 weeks each term, where you will be taught the skills, moves, tactics and rules behind the game with the emphasis being on fun and enjoyment. If you want to try a sport for the 1st time, improve your level, give the course as a gift or fathers day presents or to simply meet some new friends, these are the courses for you. Other courses include sports training where AU members receive a discounted rate.


These pre-season training sessions are organised for new undergraduate and postgraduate students to provide the opportunity for you to meet those involved in running the representative squads in your chosen sport. The sessions give you several hours of professional coaching during the Introductory Week of university and gives coaches the chance to identify potential new talented team members. Check out the following website for more details.

Coach Education program

The Joint University Initiative for Coach Education (JUICE) has been set up to offer students and staff at Bath, Bristol and UWE the best opportunity possible to develop their sport skills. The programme offers Level 1 learn to coach courses in a variety of sports as well as courses for those already experienced coaches, those who want to officiate and generic coach development courses.

Taking part in JUICE develops your CV, enhancing your ability to be able to engage in applied sports related work in the community either in a paid or a volunteer capacity. With these courses you can show future employers that you have initiative and can communicate and solve problems outside of the academic world.

Get ahead of the pack, pass on your knowledge and love of sport, take the 1st step on the coaching ladder and learn the skills necessary to deliver coaching in a safe and beneficial environment.